BloodSafe is a collaboration between SA Health, Lifeblood, public and private hospitals, and their transfusion service providers. BloodSafe is sponsored by the South Australian Department for Health and Wellbeing.

Their mission is to coordinate a safety and quality framework for all steps of blood transfusion practice to improve patient outcomes and ensure sufficiency of blood supply.

You’ll find plenty of information here, from receiving a red cell transfusion to explaining transfusion to children.

Blood Watch

The Blood Watch program provides leadership and support in quality care, clinical safety and secure supply of blood and blood products to achieve world class transfusion medicine practice in NSW.

Blood Watch partners with clinicians and health care workers, local health districts and specialty networks, the NSW Ministry of Health, Lifeblood, NSW Health Pathology and the National Blood Authority.

They have resources specifically designed for patients and families in multiple languages.

Blood Matters

Blood Matters is a Victorian Government program run in collaboration with Lifeblood that aims to support and enhance best practice in patient blood management, and the stewardship of blood and blood products, for improved patient outcomes.

Like Blood Watch, they have resources in a range of languages.

National Blood Authority

The National Blood Authority’s (NBA) core business is to deliver a blood supply system that is responsive to patient needs, built on evidence-based clinical practice and ensuring Australia’s blood supply is safe, secure, adequate and affordable now and in the future.

NBA is a statutory authority that represents the interests of the Australian and state and territory governments, and sits within the Australian Government’s Health portfolio. They have plenty of information about blood and blood products for patients.