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Reasons for a transfusion

There are all sorts of reasons someone might need a transfusion including cancer, childbirth and anaemia.

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Receiving a transfusion

Know what to expect on the day and what questions you should ask your doctor before you get your transfusion.

What to expect
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Types of transfusion

Not all transfusions are the same. Red cells, platelets and plasma all treat different conditions.

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Avoid a transfusion

Like any medical procedure, transfusion isn’t without risks. Sometimes, avoiding a transfusion is the best way forward.

How to avoid it
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Blood for transfusion

The journey of blood is really incredible – it comes from our generous donors, and passes through our processing centres and labs on its way to you.

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Further resources

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Check out these handy resources for more about transfusion and safety.

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It takes me about a day to get back up after a treatment. I feel amazing. It’s probably what feels normal to everyone else, but it feels special to me.

Hayley, plasma recipient

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