Dyer Wayne B.

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Dr Wayne B. Dyer

Senior Research Fellow, PhD

Senior Research Fellow, Sydney Medical School, The University of Sydney

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Wayne’s research focuses on providing an evidence base for usage and dosing of fractionated plasma products. Right now, he’s investigating IVIg and fibrinogen products.

Wayne received his PhD from the University of NSW in 1999, and has been a valued research scientist at Lifeblood ever since.



Key publications

Strong Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)-specific cytotoxic T-lymphocyte activity in the Sydney Blood Bank Cohort patients infected with nef-defective HIV type 1
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J Virol
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Correlates of antiviral immune restoration in acute and chronic HIV type 1 infection: sustained viral suppression and normalization of T cell subsets
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AIDS Res Hu Retroviruses
18: 999-1010.
Mechanisms of HIV non-progression; robust and sustained CD4+ T-cell proliferative responses to p24 antigen correlate with control of viraemia and lack of disease progression after long-term transfusion-acquired HIV-1 infection
Dyer WB, Zaunders JJ, Yuan FF, Wang B, Learmont JC, Geczy AF, Saksena NK, McPhee DA, Gorry PR, Sullivan JS.
Immunomodulation of inflammatory leukocyte markers during IVIg treatment associated with clinical efficacy in CIDP.
Dyer WB, Tan JCG, Day T, Kiers L, Kiernan MC, Yiannikas C, Reddel S, Ng K, Mondy P, Dennington PM, Dean MM, Trist HM, dos Remedeios C, Hogarth PM, Vucic S, Irving DOI.
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The effect of a novel intravenous fluid (Oxsealife®) on recovery from haemorrhagic shock in pigs
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