Thorpe Rachel

Dr Rachel Thorpe

Dr Rachel Thorpe

Research Fellow

Honorary Fellow Melbourne School of Population and Global Health University of Melbourne

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Rachel is a social researcher, who uses qualitative approaches to gain insights into the meanings of behaviour and how they change over time — including blood and plasma donation. At the moment, that means looking at donor behaviour and finding ways to recruit and keep donors.

She completed her PhD in Sociology at La Trobe University in 2015, and worked in HIV social research, gender, sexuality and aging before joining Lifeblood.

  • International Sociological Association
  • The Australian Sociological Association
  • Australian Association of Gerontology

Key publications

Gone, but haven't forgotten: insights on plasmapheresis donation from lapsed donors
Thorpe R, Nguyen L, Masser BM, Van Dyke N, Davison TE
Vox Sang
Bringing new plasma donors back: testing the efficacy of telephone and e-mail communications with first-time donors
Thorpe R, Masser BM, Nguyen L, Gemelli CN, Davison TE
Understanding donation frequency: insights from current plasma donors
Thorpe R, Masser BM, Nguyen L, Davison TE
Vox Sang
The role of identity in how whole-blood donors reflect on and construct their future as a plasma donor
Thorpe R, Masser BM, Jensen K, Van Dyke N, Davison TE
Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology
Blood donation and the global COVID-19 pandemic: areas for social science research
Haw J, Holloway K, Masser BM, Merz E-M, Thorpe R
Vox Sang