Doctor Alison Gould

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Dr Alison Gould

National Leader, Research Communication and Engagement

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Alison's passionate about translating research results into changes for the community.  She helps our researchers communicate their results for maximum impact, whether that's to other scientists or within the broader community. She makes connections between disciplines, people and data to bring research results to life.

Working as part of the national R&D leadership team, Alison uses her scientific knowledge and decades of experience in the biologics industry to help develop Lifeblood’s research priorities and measure our success.



Key Publications

The interaction between Glycophorin A (GPA) and Band 3 in the formation of the Wright b (Wr(b) ) antigen
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Vox Sang.
Computational modeling - an approach to the development of blood grouping reagents
Ekman S, Flower R, Barnard RT, Gould A, Bui XT
Expert Rev Hematol.
In silico molecular dynamics of human glycophorin A (GPA) extracellular structure
Ekman S, Flower R, Mahler S, Gould A, Barnard RT, Hyland C, Jones M, Malde AK, Bui XT
Annals of Blood.
Young blood: magic or medicine?
Irving DO and Gould A
The Conversation
Australia’s ethnic face is changing, and so are our blood types
Davison T, Daly J, Flower R and Gould A
The Conversation