Carley Gemelli

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Carley Gemelli

Research Program Co-ordinator

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Carley coordinates program management for R&D and works as a project manager across a number of projects. Her research focuses on improving the donors’ experience when their donation is postponed. She’s interested in using statistical techniques to analyse data and developing techniques to encourage donors to return.

Carley has a research background in Medical Science and Epidemiology looking at infectious diseases and longitudinal health risks. She has a Masters in Applied Statistics and Clinical Epidemiology. She loves working in an applied setting and seeing research findings translated into practice.

  • Peer-reviewer for numerous journals including Transfusion, Vox Sanguinis, and Health Science Reports
  • Peer-reviewer for conference abstracts (AABB)


Key publications

Identification of platelet subpopulations in cryopreserved platelet components using multi-colour imaging flow cytometry.
Johnson L, Lei P, Waters L, Padula MP, Marks DC.
Scientific Reports
13, 1221
Notifying donors when their deferral is ending: An effective donor retention strategy
Gemelli CN, Thijsen A, Van Dyke N, Kruse SP, Davison TE
 61: 2930– 2940.
Emotions experienced when receiving a temporary deferral: perspectives from staff and donors
Gemelli CN, Thijsen A, Van Dyke N, Masser BM, Davison TE
ISBT Science Series
Frequent whole blood donors: understanding this population and predictors of lapse
Gemelli CN, Hayman J, Waller D
Deferred and deterred: a review of literature on the impact of deferrals on blood donors
Davison TE, Masser BM, Gemelli CN
15(1): 3-10