Amanda Thijsen

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Amanda Thijsen

Senior Research Officer

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Amanda works on ways to improve the safety and experience of blood donation. She’s interested in combining insights from data, interviews, surveys and clinical trials to improve our management of adverse events, like fainting.

Amanda is pursuing a PhD in Public Health at the University of Sydney, examining how research evidence is translated into clinical practice. She loves working in an applied setting and being able to see the impact of research on improving donor safety.


  • Reviewer for journals including Transfusion, Vox Sanguinis, Transfusion Medicine, and Social Science & Medicine.
  • Abstract reviewer for AABB conference submissions

Key publications

Researchers’ views on and practices of knowledge translation: an international survey of transfusion medicine researchers
Thijsen A, Masser B, Davison TE, and Williamson A
Implementation Science Communications
Beyond fear: A longitudinal investigation of emotions and risk of a vasovagal reaction in first‐time whole‐blood donors
Thijsen A, Masser B, Davison TE, van Dongen A, Williams LA
The vasovagal reaction experience among blood donors: A qualitative study of factors that affect donor return
Thijsen A, Thorpe R, Davison TE, Nguyen L, Masser B
Social Science & Medicine
Reduced risk of vasovagal reactions in Australian whole blood donors after national implementation of applied muscle tension and water loading
Thijsen A, Masser B, Davison TE
Vasovagal reactions in blood donors: risks, prevention and management
Thijsen A, Masser B
Transfus Med.
29 Suppl 1:13-22.