Aussies urged to flex their True Colours, as a third of us say we want to give back

Aussies urged to flex their True Colours, as a third of us say we want to give back

Lifeblood and Australian artists launch limited-edition bandages to boost blood donations, amid new data that shows 33% of all Australians want to give back

Lifeblood has enlisted Aussie artists to design a vibrant range of limited-edition artwork bandages, to celebrate the life-giving efforts of blood and plasma donors.

The colourful campaign comes at a time when new research, released by Australian Red Cross Lifeblood, reveals a third of Aussies want to do more to help the community.

“Our data shows that 33 percent of us want to do more and become more altruistic in the wake of the events of 2020, but the majority don’t know where to begin, and two thirds aren’t in a position to donate money to charity,” says Lifeblood spokesperson Cath Stone, Executive Director Donor Services.

“However, 93 percent of the people we surveyed agreed that donating blood would be a good place to start.”

To help encourage people to roll up their sleeves and donate blood or plasma for the first time, the bandages will begin rolling onto arms in donor centres across the country today. They have been designed by six talented artists: Beci Orpin, Gemma O’Brien, Chris Nixon, Georgia Perry, Kenny Pittock and Brian Robinson.

“With a blood donation required every 24 seconds in Australia, the need for blood never stops. We’re thrilled to have six incredible Australian artists on board to help us shine a colourful spotlight on blood and plasma donation, with our very own bandage badges-of-honour,” Ms. Stone said.

“We hope these limited-edition bandages will encourage that one-third of Aussies who want to give back to their communities to do just that.”

The Lifeblood bandages will be available at all donor centres nationwide from today, Monday 19 October, for six weeks — replacing the standard white bandage usually used post-donation.

Donors will be urged to share a selfie on social media as they ‘flex their true colours’, sparking conversations about the ongoing need for blood donations.

Lifeblood has also partnered with rideshare company DiDi who will offer 50% off fares to and from donor centres for the campaign period, Monday 19 October to Sunday 29 November.

“We look forward to seeing Aussies flex their true colours in our Lifeblood bandages, and encourage their friends to get on board and do the same,” Ms. Stone said.

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