I've been told by my doctor that my iron level is high. Am I eligible to donate?

Maybe. It depends on the reason for your high iron level and whether it has been investigated by a doctor.  

If you have a medical condition such as haemochromatosis, which is one of several causes of a high iron levels, Lifeblood can offer you therapeutic blood collection. It’s the same process as blood donation, but done to reduce the iron in your body by removing blood. Your doctor will need to refer you for this service as you must meet certain medical criteria. Ask your doctor to access the High Ferritin App to check your eligibility and generate a referral if eligible. 

If you have a high iron level which isn’t caused by haemochromatosis, you may be able to donate blood. You’ll first need a referral from your doctor, which they must generate using our High Ferritin App, confirming that your high iron has been investigated and that any significant underlying cause has been addressed.  

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