What steps are you taking to make your donor centres hygienic and safe?

We want to reassure everyone that our donor centres are centres of wellness. Only healthy people are eligible to give blood with individual donors screened for any indication they may be unwell when they book to donate. Those who are sick are asked to wait until they are fully recovered before booking in. 

Our centres are strictly regulated spaces so we have always adhered to strict sanitation protocols including wearing gloves, wiping down surfaces after every donation and using single use sterile collection kits for every donation.

We have also implemented a range of other measures to protect our donors and teams including: 

  • Increased cleaning of frequently used items
  • Providing additional hand sanitiser for donors
  • Additional daily cleaning of all areas in our centres
  • Restriction of non-donating visitors to our centres
  • Provision of public health information in every centre
  • Implementing social distancing wherever possible
  • Wellness checks before entering the centre