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Lifeblood x Cancer Council.

Stand up to Cancer (while sitting down).

Did you know many people who have chemotherapy need blood transfusions? That’s just one of the many ways blood donations are used to help people living with cancer. Give blood in February to show your support with a daffodil bandage.

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Can I donate blood?

See if you are eligible to donate blood today, or find answers to frequently asked questions.

Check your eligibility
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Making your donation

Discover how you can give blood, plasma or platelets, and book your next donation.

Know how to donate
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Find a donor centre

There are donor centres all across the country. Find one that's closest to you.

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Learn about blood

Know the fine details about blood, like what’s in it, who needs it, and where it goes after you give it.

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Want to be able to help more people, more often? The answer is plasma.

Learn about plasma
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Donate as a group

Be part of our group donation program, Lifeblood Teams. It’s about friendship, community and making a bigger difference together.

Join Lifeblood Teams

See how blood supplies are in your region

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