Tips to help you relax when giving blood

Most people feel great after donating blood. We hear it all the time: “That was easier than I expected!” 

It’s natural to be a bit nervous around needles or blood, but it doesn’t need to stop you from giving life. Here are the top tips, coming straight from our most experienced donors and nurses. 

illustration of three people
Bring a friend

Let them know you’re nervous, and we’re sure your friend will do everything in their power to distract you and keep you calm. 

Illustration of a man and woman on a television
Watch TV or read a book

It can be tempting to watch the donation, but turn your head to look at the TV or to chat to a friend. You might even forget it’s happening. 

Illustration of two Lifeblood nurses holding a tray with a milkshake and pie
Concentrate on the reward

Milkshake? Sausage roll? The warm glow that comes from saving lives? It can help to think about how you'll reward yourself after the donation. 

Illustration of a woman cycling with a heart in the front basket
Think about the patient

The people who receive blood sometimes need to have needles, and many of them are scared too. Your donation is getting them through a really tough time — or maybe even saving their life.

Illustration of a phone showing a social media post for Lifeblood
Post it to social media

Distract yourself by finding the perfect filter. You could encourage someone else to become a donor, too. Don’t forget to tag @lifebloodau!

Illustration of a man donating blood with five stars above him
It's worth it!

Your courage can save someone's life. Feels pretty great, doesn’t it? 

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