Invite a loved one to donate blood

Perhaps you’re having a special birthday this year. Or planning a wedding. Or maybe you’re organising a baby shower. Whatever the occasion, asking your guests to consider giving blood in lieu of presents is a heartfelt and meaningful idea.

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How to do it


Download an invitation card. You can use this card, or simply lift the words and change to suit your event and your style.


Let your guests know. Just pop a card in with your invitation or add a line about it in the event information.


Watch the cards come rolling in ... and start counting up how many lives you’ve helped change!

Tip: If you'd like details on how your loved one can donate, see the essentials for making your donation.

Make it an occasion

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Single invitation

Gift of life card
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Couple invitation

Gift of life card
Donate blood for a loved one

Donating blood as a gift is free, heartfelt, and never goes out of style. Find out how to make your next donation a gift on behalf of someone you care about.

Find out how
Giving in memory?

Organising a funeral or celebration of someone’s life? Giving blood is a meaningful way of paying tribute to a loved one. We have some information to help you share your request.

How to do it
Ready to donate?

If you're eligible to give life, it’s time to lock in your donation! Choose between blood or plasma, then find a time and place near you.

Find a donor centre