An extra special way to honour a memory

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How to encourage others to donate blood in memoriam.


Have a look at the suggested words below or download a remembrance card. You can change them to suit your loved one, or print or email to send.


Let your guests know. Spread the word through social media, in the paper or in the funeral program.


Receive the cards and see the impact. And know that one life has helped change so many others.

Suggested words to use:

In lieu of flowers, we’re celebrating <Name> by encouraging all the people in their life to give back and help change others’ lives. If you can, please give blood on his/her/their behalf.

gift of life card in memory

Giving in memory

Gift of life card
Give a special gift. Life.

Donating blood as a gift is free, heartfelt, and never goes out of style. Find out how to make your next donation a gift on behalf of someone you care about.

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Want to encourage others to give?

Are you hosting an event and would love to see your guests give life on your behalf? We've put together some more information just for you.

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Ready to donate?

If you're eligible to give life, it’s time to lock in your donation! Choose between blood or plasma, then find a time and place near you.

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