How you can give life

Whether it's a special occasion or another day at the home-office, it's always a good time to do something amazing for someone else. Check out these ideas that don't require wrapping: they'll make you feel great, and some of them will save lives! 

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Donate plasma or blood for someone you love

If you're eligible to donate, you can give on behalf of someone you love. Simply download a card, book a donation and dedicate it to your loved one today.

Want a gift that requires no money and no agonising over what to get someone who has hobbies you've never heard of? Ask someone to donate plasma or blood on your behalf.

How to grab your free card

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Get a group together to donate

This is another one you can do whether or not you are a blood donor. Gather your eligible mates, workmates, neighbours or family and help them into a regular donating schedule by registering a Lifeblood Team.

Your group can span suburbs or states, every donation made in that group’s name counts toward your lifesaving tally. Surely the best ‘dream team’.

Donate as a group
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Donate to the Red Cross

A financial donation to the Red Cross will go towards helping our most vulnerable community members. Donations are tax-deductible and can be made online, so you don’t even need to leave your home to help.


Donate to the Red Cross
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Share on social

A simple share on social media might be the thing that gets someone to book a donation and save lives. Tag or follow us on:



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Volunteer with us

Are you looking to give back, help support others or make a difference? Find out how you can volunteer at Lifeblood. By delivering exceptional experiences for our donors, you could help provide a safe and sufficient blood supply for the many Australians in need. If you’re interested, check out our volunteer opportunities today.

Browse volunteer opportunities
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Supporter toolkit

Australia needs a new donor every 4 minutes. How many of those new donors are in your community? Help us reach them by sharing these messages.

Just 1 in 30 people donate; help us find new blood donors
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Helping Australia’s smallest and most vulnerable patients is a really special thing to do.
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If you live in Perth, see if you're eligible to donate life-changing faecal microbiota today.
Heart icon symbolising the gift of life for Lifeblood
Organ and tissue
It’s so generous to register as an organ and tissue donor. Let's cross it off your list together.
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Blood stem cells
Every 40 minutes, someone in Australia is diagnosed with blood cancer. See if you can help.