Hirani Rena

Dr Rena Hirani

Dr Rena Hirani

Research Fellow

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Rena’s work involves analysing the molecular changes which occur in patients who receive a blood transfusion, including trauma patients and transfusion-dependent patients of all ages. She also has a project analysing the use of genotyping techniques to match blood components more closely between patients and donors.

On top of that, Rena is analysing the clinical usage patterns for high-demand blood components. We hope to provide better understanding of blood component usage and safety, and improve outcomes for transfusion patients.

Rena received her PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology from the University of Adelaide. She worked as a postdoctoral fellow designing DNA nanomachines for point of care diagnosis and in development biology before coming to Lifeblood.

  • Travel scholarship to attend HAA meeting (2016)
  • Research grant from BioPlatforms Australia (2015/2016)
  • Singapore trauma conference — best free paper oral presentation (2015)
  • Nomination for employee award Australian Red Cross Lifeblood (2012)
  • Local judge for The University of Sydney summer student dean awards (2015)

Key publications

Donor white blood cell survival and cytokine profiles following red blood cell transfusion in Australian major trauma patients
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A national review of the clinical use of group O D- red blood cell units
Hirani R, Wong J, Diaz P, Mondy P, Hoagn C, Dennington PM, Pink J and Irving DO
Review of full blood count reference interval using a large cohort of first-time plasmapheresis blood donors
Hirani R and Mondy P
Seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2-specific antibodies in Sydney, Australia following the first epidemic wave in 2020
Gidding HF, Machalek DA, Hendry AJ, Quinn HE, Vette K, Beard FH, Shilling H, Hirani R, Gosbell IB, Irving DO, Hueston L, Downes M, Carlin JB, O’Sullivan MNV, Dwyer DE, Kaldor JM and Macartney K
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Evaluation of a tool to score donor vein suitability for blood donation
Hirani R, O’Donovan J, Knight E, Bell B, and Mondy P
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