Flower Robert

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Prof Robert Flower

National Research Program Leader

Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Sydney Medicine Northern Clinical School Adjunct Professor, Queensland University of Technology

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Robert’s research focuses broadly on transfusion safety, with teams using in vivo and in vitro models to investigate impacts of transfusion as well as application of genotyping to improve matching of blood for patients.

He has a strong commitment to education and teaches TAFE, university undergraduate and medical advanced trainees. He’s supervised completion of more than 30 postgraduate students and more than 30 honours students.

Robert has over 250 papers and published abstracts in transfusion, virology and molecular genetics in the scientific literature.

  • Foundation fellow of Royal College of Pathologists Faculty of Science
  • NATA assessor for Transfusion

Key publications

Comprehensive blood group antigen profile predictions for Western Desert Indigenous Australians from whole exome sequence data
Schoeman EM, Roulis EV, Perry MA, Flower RL, Hyland CA
The distribution of MNS hybrid glycophorins with Mur antigen expression in Chinese donors including identification of a novel GYP.Bun allele
Wei L, Shan ZG, Flower RL, Wang Z, Wen JZ, Luo GP, Ji YL
Vox Sang
SARA: a "new" low-frequency MNS antigen (MNS47) provides further evidence of the extreme diversity of the MNS blood group system
McBean RS, Hyland CA, Hendry JL, Shabani-Rad MT, Flower RL
Sixty years of antibodies to MNS system hybrid glycophorins: what have we learned?
Heathcote DJ, Carroll TE, Flower RL
Transfus Med Rev
* An immediate hemolytic reaction induced by repeated administration of oxaliplatin
Chen VM, Thrift KM, Morel-Kopp MC, Jackson D, Ward CM, Flower RL

* This research was completed prior to starting with Lifeblood