Marks Denese C.

Associate Professor Denese C Marks

A/Prof Denese C. Marks

Research Program Leader

Associate Professor, School of Medicine, The University of Sydney

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Denese’s work improves blood component quality and safety for the whole journey of blood, from collection through to processing, storage and transfusion. Part of this work involves developing novel blood products (like platelet lysate and frozen blood components).

Denese has published over 65 peer reviewed papers during her time at Lifeblood, and she enjoys making an active contribution to the blood research sector in Australia and overseas.

  • Australian and New Zealand Society of Blood Transfusion (ANZSBT) grant
  • Defence Health Foundation grant
  • Australia and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists grant
  • Executive committee of ISBT Cellular Therapies Working Party
  • Vox Sanguinis section editor for Blood Component Collection and Processing
  • Regional Director, The ISBT Board of Regional Directors, Western Pacific Region
  • Guest Editor, Special Edition on Blood component quality and safety — Journal of Blood Transfusion
  • Full scientific Member of the BEST Collaborative Conventional Components Team
  • Reviewer for journals including Transfusion, Vox Sanguinis, Platelets, Journal of Transfusion and Apheresis Science, and Journal of Proteomics
  • Abstract reviewer for ISBT and AABB conference submissions

Key publications

A randomized, controlled pilot clinical trial of cryopreserved platelets for perioperative surgical bleeding: the CLIP-I trial (Editorial, p. 2759)
Reade MC, Marks DC, Bellomo R, Deans R, Faulke DJ, Fraser JF, Gattas DJ, Holley AD, Irving DO, Johnson L, Pearse BL, Royse AG, Wong J
An 8-week course of 45 mg of carbonyl iron daily reduces iron deficiency in female whole blood donors aged 18 to 45 years: results of a prospective randomized controlled trial
Marks DC, Speedy J, Robinson KL, Brama T, Capper HR, Mondy P, Keller AJ
Cryopreserved platelets: are we there yet?
Marks DC
The hemostatic activity of cryopreserved platelets is mediated by phosphatidylserine-expressing platelets and platelet microparticles
Johnson L, Coorey CP, Marks DC
* Expression of a Y559F Mutant CSF-1 Receptor in M1 Myeloid Cells: A Role for Src Kinases in CSF-1 Receptor-Mediated Differentiation
Marks DC, Csar XF, Wilson NJ, Novak U, Ward AC, Kanagasundarum V, Hoffmann BW, Hamilton JA
Molecular Cell Biology Research Communications.

* This research was completed prior to starting with Lifeblood