Take the Bloody Oath

Australia needs you

Right now, 1 in 2 donors are unable to make their donation due to isolating or feeling unwell. Can you take their place?

It’s a big responsibility, but the feeling you get knowing you’ve helped save a life is nothing short of extraordinary.

If you’re ready to give hope, joy and second chances, take the Bloody Oath and book your blood donation today.

Ready to take the Bloody Oath?

icon of a blue speech bubble with with an illustration of a hand and text reading I took the Bloody Oath

A commitment to making a difference

"I hereby swear to be the lifeblood of Australia. 
Of community and country.
To give what I can, as often as I can. 
Even when I don’t feel like it. Or if I’m scared.
And if I give excuses, don’t take them.
Hold me to my word.
Because Australia needs me.
To give hope.
To give joy.
Give second chances.
To give life. 
Do I promise to be a blood donor?
Bloody Oath, I do."

a woman is holding up her hand and smiling, on her elbow is a bandage, she is standing outdoors and some buildings are in the background
“I swear to give hope.”
A new blood donor is needed every 4 minutes.
a woman is holding her hand up and smiling, on her elbow is a bandage, in the background is a stadium
“I swear to give what I can.”
1 in 3 Australians will need blood in their lifetime.
a man is holding up his hand and smiling, on his elbow is a bandage, in the background is a motorcycle
“I swear to give second chances.”
1 donation can save up to 3 lives.
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