South Australia coronavirus updates

South Australia coronavirus updates

See the latest about COVID-19 and donating blood in South Australia.


Should donors from South Australia be wearing masks when they come in to donate?

Yes, face masks are currently required to donate in South Australia.

In line with the current restrictions due to the community transmission risk, masks remain required in all donor centres in South Australia. We can provide you with a face mask to donate if necessary.

Our donor centres are places of wellness and we have implemented additional measures to ensure that remains the case during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Will masks be provided for donors or should they supply their own?

If you donate at a donor centre where masks are required we will supply you with a face mask if you do not have one. We strongly encourage donors to wear single use surgical masks if possible, as cloth masks can vary more in effectiveness.

Will you refuse entry to a donor centre for someone who refuses to wear a mask?

Yes, in an area where masks are mandated by government, if they do not have a medical exemption. Donors need a valid reason but written proof is not required. The requirement to wear masks is introduced for the safety of both our donors and our staff and is currently required by the government.