Australian Capital Territory coronavirus update

Australian Capital Territory coronavirus update

See the latest about COVID-19 and donating blood in the Australian Capital Territory.

Is it safe for people to donate with the current community transmission?

Our donor centres are very low risk places to visit and we are taking all necessary steps to ensure that stays the case. 

Lifeblood facilities are strictly regulated by the Therapeutic Good Administration, and as such our ongoing operating procedures must always comply with the highest safety and hygiene standards, including extensive cleaning.

The risk of transmission remains very low, due to the many measures already in place to minimise the risk of infection including: 

  • restricting access to essential staff only with no visitors
  • implementing social distancing in all work areas and common areas in our donor centres 
  • installing additional hygiene stations
  • a clear directive that unwell staff should not come to work
  • supporting working from home where possible
  • generous leave entitlements and support for employees who are unwell or required to self-isolate or quarantine. 
  • face masks for all staff and donors in line with government requirements.

We have also implemented further measures to help protect our donors and our teams, including wellness checks. We also require all donors to complete a questionnaire aimed at protecting both them, our staff and donors and the person who may receive their blood.

Will masks be provided for ACT donors or should they supply their own?

If you donate in ACT and do not have a mask, we will provide you with one. We strongly encourage donors to wear surgical masks if possible, as cloth masks can vary more in effectiveness.  If you have a cloth mask and would prefer to wear a surgical mask during your donation we can also provide you with one.

Will someone who donates in ACT be allowed to donate if they refuse to wear a mask?

No, unless they have a medical exemption. We will ask donors who refuse to wear a mask to postpone their appointment until the public health advice is updated. We are closely guided by Federal and State/Territory public health guidelines which we carefully monitor.

Will you refuse entry to a donor centre for someone who refuses to wear a mask?

Yes, if they do not have a medical exemption, because the requirement to wear masks is for the safety of both our donors and our staff and is currently recommended by the government. Donors need a valid reason but written proof is not required.