Blood and beyond

We’re saving lives in all kinds of amazing ways.

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Hear what our donors have to say

Hayley holding her son, giving him a kiss on the cheek.
Hayley – milk donor

"To donate milk, it’s as much for the mother or the parent as it is for the child."

Eric close up. He's on the water, holding an oar.
Eric – plasma donor

"It's never too late to start the journey."

Emmanuel with his partner
Emmanuel – blood donor

"I know I'm doing something to give back for all the good that I've received."

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What happens to breast milk when it’s donated?

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Discover the lifesaving potential of poo.

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Organ and tissue

Learn how one donor can transform the lives of 10 people.

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We’re making new discoveries

We’ve developed Australia’s first breast milk fortifier 

Breast milk donated by Australian mums will for the first time be used to create a “milk fortifier” – a nutrient dense supplement that can help premature and low-weight babies grow.

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We’re looking for new ways to improve transplants

Can we predict the results from an imperfectly matched transplant by measuring cytokines? We’re trialling a new way to predict the transplant compatibility between patients and their family members.

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We’re rethinking how platelets are used

Since the 1970s, experts have opted to use platelets stored at room temperature for transfusion, but our researchers are discovering there may be more uses for cold-stored platelets than we thought. 

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