Episode 8

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Episode 8

A paramedic makes a miraculous recovery, a blood transfusion that saves the lives of twins and a cancer patient puts up the battle of his life.

Duration — 0:40 mins

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Episode 8 extras

Wes's story

St John Ambulance paramedic Wesley is involved in a head-on collision, but with blood donations and determination makes a miraculous recovery.

Duration — 3:10 mins

Episode 8 extras

John-Michael's story

After being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, John-Michael has days to live unless he has immediate treatment.

Duration — 3:04 mins

Episode 8 extras

Michelle's story

Expectant mother Michelle Peacock survives life-threatening complications to deliver her precious twin girls.

Duration — 2:24 mins

Inspiring stories

Paramedic Wes on the chair donating blood
Road to recovery

Perth paramedic Wesley is back on the road following a remarkable recovery from critical injuries sustained when a car hit his ambulance head-on.

Transplant recipient John-Michael walking alongside his partner Linda
Fight for life

John-Michael was given days to live after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, but thanks to chemotherapy, blood and a stem cell transplant, he’s fighting fit.

Michelle cuddling her twin girls
Double love

Thanks to blood transfusions, Michelle survive a complicated pregnancy and safely delivered her precious twin girls.

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