Episode 7

Episode 7

A road trip ends in lifesaving transfusions, plasma donations help a young woman beat the odds, and a small town sets a big target to save lives.

Duration — 0:41 mins

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Episode 7 extras

Teresa's story

Not long after setting out on a camping trip, Teresa and Steven’s lives are changed forever.

Duration — 3:01 mins

Episode 7 extras

Nikky's story

After a sudden episode of severe pain, psychologist Nikky is diagnosed with a rare condition where her immune defence system attacks her nerves. Only donated plasma can help.

Duration — 2:50 mins

Episode 7 extras

Sumitha’s story

Sumitha is a doctor who gives back with her donation group Red Love, which aims to increase much-needed blood donations during the winter — and have fun doing it.

Duration — 1:50 mins

Inspiring stories

Blood transfusion recipient Teresa and her partner sat up on bed
Teresa’s story

After being injured in a horrific crash on a last-minute camping trip, Teresa needed a massive blood transfusion to save her life.

close up photo of plasma recipient Nicky smiling whilst holding cup
Against the odds

Nikky was getting ready to enjoy Christmas day with her family when she was rushed to Emergency. Her rare condition required treatments made from plasma.

Donors in chair donating at donor centre
Red Love in Orange

Lifeblood Teams, like the Red Love team in Orange NSW, are a great way for groups and communities to donate blood and plasma.

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