Episode 6

Episode 6

A new mum gets a lifesaving transfusion, a retiree receives the ultimate gift and a special group of survivors gives back by giving blood.

Duration — 0:32 mins

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Episode 6 extras

Ash's story

New mum Ash requires a lifesaving transfusion after the birth of her baby. Meanwhile her newborn undergoes open heart surgery.

Duration — 3:07 mins

Episode 6 extras

Wal’s story

Watch retiree Wal’s story as he receives a lung transplant and opens up about organ donation giving him a second chance.

Duration — 2:31 mins

Episode 6 extras

Bite Club

The first rule of Bite Club? You talk about bite club, and give blood to support shark attack survivors.

Duration — 2:11 mins

Inspiring stories

parents sit on sofa looking at item in hands
A Fight for Family

While Ash’s newborn baby had heart surgery, post-birth bleeding put Ash in danger. Blood saved her life.

organ recipient Wal looks at camera
The Ultimate Gift

Retired lawyer Wal’s immune disorder attacks his lungs. His future seems bleak, but then he receives good news.

shark attack survivor Dave Pearson, talks to camera while sitting with the ocean behind him
Bite Club

Bite Club is a support group for shark attack survivors and their loved ones to give back to the community by donating blood.

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