Episode 5

Episode 5

An afternoon stroll changes two lives forever, surgery with blood products gives hope to an advanced cancer patient, and breast milk donations help give premature babies life.

Duration — 0:40 mins

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Episode 5 extras

Libby's story

When retired literacy teacher Libby and husband Pieter venture out for a walk, the path taken changes their lives forever.

Duration — 3:12 mins

Episode 5 extras

Lisa’s story

Follow advanced cancer patient Lisa Black as she undergoes a life-saving procedure which relies on blood.

Duration — 2:24 mins

Episode 5 extras

Chloe and Rebecca’s stories

Premature babies and their families do it tough, but there’s help in the form of donated breast milk. Watch parents Chloe and Rebecca share its importance in their lives.

Duration — 2:05 mins

Inspiring stories

blood recipient Libby looking at camera
Snake bite

Libby’s encounter with a venomous brown snake saw this retired teacher needing blood products to save her life.

Parent Chloe Smith looks at camera
The gift of milk

It’s a tough journey for babies who start life in neonatal intensive care (NICU), but donated breast milk can help give them a healthy start.

Cancer recipient Lisa talks to camera
Lisa's second chance

During a major operation to fight bowel cancer, Lisa’s whole blood volume was replace with donated blood.

Ellie and Ryan on couches donating blood
Date night

Married couple Ellie and Ryan make sure they always keep their donation appointments — by turning them into date night!

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