Episode 3

A blood donor’s life is saved when she receives the gift she’s used to giving, a young scientist’s life is turned around by plasma transfusions, and two uni students are on a mission to donate plasma in every Lifeblood centre across NSW.

Duration — 0:34mins

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Episode 3 extras

Jenny's story

Jenny Nixon from Wagga Wagga in NSW is a star donor giving over 100 blood donations, but little did she know one day she’d be on the receiving end.

Duration — 2:31 mins

Episode 3 extras

Hayley's story

26 year old Hayley Teasdale receives regular plasma infusions to treat a debilitating immune deficiency and help her lead the active life she deserves.

Duration — 2:46 mins

Episode 3 extras

Guy & Angus’ story

University students Guy and Angus are on a mission to donate plasma across NSW. Today they’re in a Lifeblood donor centre in Maitland.

Duration — 1:50 mins

Inspiring stories

Recipient Jenny Nixon smiling at camera
Good Karma

Jenny Nixon is diagnosed with a rare cancer that affects the production of healthy blood cells. Little did she know that one day the kindness of blood donors would save her life.

Plasma recipient Hayley smiles at camera
Future Proof

Hayley's busy life as a scientist, netballer, and passionate advocate comes to a halt once a month to receive plasma infusions to counteract Common Variable Immune Deficiency.

Uni students guy and angus in car driving to their donation
Passport to Plasma

Most road trips don’t require passports — unless you’re travelling with these two Sydney university students.

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