Episode 4

An impossible situation for a mother of three; actress Chloe Bayliss of Doctor Doctor shares her story; and the Lifeblood milkshake makers making a real difference.

Duration — 0:38 mins

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Episode 4 extras

Rachel's story

Follow the journey of Rachel’s life-threatening pregnancy through to the traumatic birth of premature baby Estelle.

Duration — 2:15 mins

Episode 4 extras

Chloe's story

Chloe Bayliss, star of television series Doctor Doctor, shares her extraordinary story of her battle to survive.

Duration — 2:49 mins

Episode 4 extras

Cheryl and Therese’s story

Volunteers Cheryl and Therese keep donors hydrated with their delicious milkshakes, but who is the best milkshake maker?

Duration — 2:07 mins

Inspiring stories

transfusion recipient Rachel smiling looking to the side of the camera
In the balance

Rachel was thrilled when she discovered she was expecting her fourth child. But when her pregnancy turned life-threatening, blood transfusions were their only chance.

Actor chloe bayliss smiling looking past the camera
Born to perform

Chloe Bayliss had always wanted to become a dancer, but an autoimmune disease called lupus put her dreams on hold.

volunteer making a milkshake in a donor centre
Milkshake makers

Cheryl and Therese volunteer in a Lifeblood Donor Centre refreshment area and keep donors hydrated with their famous (and delicious) milkshakes.

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