Health Services Blood Drive

Health Services Blood Drive

See how you can take part in the Health Services Blood Drive, from 1 April to 30 June.

We know the health sector has been feeling the pressure over the last two years taking on extra responsibilities, working longer hours, and putting a lot of energy and love into keeping people safe. And, through all of that, you’ve still been giving blood to save lives  it’s inspiring.

You deserve a break; a chance to take a seat, put your feet up, and savour a nice cup of tea (or milkshake if you prefer!).

And now’s the perfect time to do it. Not only is it long overdue, but once again Lifeblood Teams, made up of people like you, are joining forces in the Health Services Blood Drive and working towards a single goal of 10,700 donations.

When we work together, everyone wins. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

How to take part

Woman holding a blood drop
  1. Register to donate blood if you don’t already have an account, then log in.
  2. Join your Lifeblood Team: once you've logged in, follow the link in the top right corner (just search your team name).
  3. Book a donation. Find the time and location that best suits you, to give life. Every donation you make automatically goes towards your team’s tally and the overall drive total!

That’s it. Check out the leaderboard to see how big a part your team has played at any point during the drive.

Want to really give big? Give plasma

If you want to give more than once and help more people more often, select plasma when you book a donation. It’s just as rewarding as giving blood, and you can donate as often as every two weeks.

If you have recently recovered from COVID-19 you’ll only need to wait 7 days before you can donate as long as you’re feeling healthy and well on the day of donation.

Can’t donate right now? You still have a role to play

Spread the word far and wide: the more people you reach, the more you help. Spread the word with these downloadables:

  1. Poster
  2. Social media tile
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  4. Intranet banner
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Ready to get started?

Simply register to donate blood, then log in to join your Lifeblood Team and book a donation.

For more information or help with Lifeblood Teams, send us your enquiry or call 1300 886 524.

Remember: united, we give and united, we save lives.

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